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Battle of Generations

On December 18, 2009 International Confederation of Weights Lifting Masters (ICWLM), Arkhangelsk Powerlifting Federation together with the Sport Club of the International Institute of Management (IIM) held New Year’s Powerlifting Festival at the Arkhangelsk Pioneers Palace. For the first time in the sport history a «Battle of Generations» took place. Young and very strong masters of sports of Russia in powerlifting met in a power duel with the veterans of kettlebell lifting, the International Confederation of Weights Lifting Masters members. Pushing kettlebells with both hands was a kind of contest. The time-limit was specifically reduced from 10 to 2 minutes in order to the powerlifting masters could easier adapt to kettlebells, requiring extraordinary strength endurance. The middle age of the young masters of sports is 27 years, the middle age of veterans is 57 years. Battle formula: four to four. From the side of veterans were Vasily Klishov (aged 45); Valery Kopnin (aged 45); Anatoly Ezhov (aged 63); Yury Zavarzin (aged 72). From the side of young masters were Sergey Mekekhin (aged 37), pressing a barbell – 225 kg; Dmitry Mityugin (aged 24), pressing a barbell – 135 kg; Evgeny Popov (aged 25), pressing a barbell – 180 kg; Ivan Gurjyanov (aged 23), pressing a barbell – 212 kg.

Powerlifting masters lifted 129 times in 8 minutes (two sportsmen were lifting a 24-kilo kettlebell and other two ones – a 16-kilo kettlebell). Kettlebell lifting masters lifted the same kettlebells 217 times in the same time-limit.