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22 Марта 2013


for holding the World Championship, Eurasia Championship, Union State Championship, International Tournament «Edelweiss» in memory of the Soviet soldiers who died liberating Caucasus in World War II in Kettlebell Lifting in the sphere of mass sports and sports of masters in 2013

1. Goals and objectives

Promoting and popularising kettlebell lifting, healthy way of life, tribute to the memory of Soviet soldiers who died liberating Caucasus in World War II.

2. Athletes

Age and weight groups – according to ICKLM rules.

3. Kettlebells, exercises (nominations)

– The athletes perform push, jerk, long cycle push with one kettlebell and time-limit 1 minute.

– Men: under 18 (kettlebells at will); 18-44 (20 kg); 45-54 (16 kg); 55-69 (12 kg); over 70 (8 kg).

– Women: under 18 (kettlebell at will); 18-34 (12 kg); 35-49 (10 kg); over 50 (8 kg).

4. Outfit

– hiking boots; 2 pair of warm socks (2), ski suit, gloves, cap, backpack (30 Litres), thermos, sweatshirt, windproof jacket, head flashlight, sunglasses, long sleeve shirt (preferably white), sun cream, ski poles or climbing sticks, first-aid kit, grooming means;

– medical certificate, copy of the payment order confirming the payment of the voucher.

5. Payment

Price – RUB 15,000 per person. It includes: accommodation in a two-bed room, two meals a day (breakfast and dinner - buffet), gym, insurance, double climbing Mount Elbrus to the height of 3,800 meters on three lines of lifts, picking up at the railway station in Mineralnye Vody on the day of arrival and transfer from the place of residence to the railway station on the day of departure, the service of mountain guides-climbers for two working days, safety and climbing instructions, mountain rules of behavior.

Participation fee is RUB 1,500 per nomination and paid in addition.

At the site you can rent climbing equipment at extra cost.

6. The competition scheme

The programme is designed for 6 days.

23 July 2013

Arrival day, picking up at the railway station of Mineralnye Vody. Picking up at the airport is also available at request in advance. Accommodation, meeting.

24 July 2013

11:00 a.m. – registration, weighing, payment of participation fees, providing the climbing instructions.

July 25, 2013

After breakfast, transfer to the foot of Mount Elbrus, climbing by the lifts (three lines) on Garabashi at 3,800 meters altitude on the slopes of Mount Elbrus. Acclimatization. Performance with kettelebell. Descent. Transfer to your accommodation. Summary of the day. Awarding ceremony.

July 26, 2013 – breakfast, a day of rest.

July 27, 2013 - breakfast, transfer to the foot of Mount Elbrus. Climbing by the lifts at Garabashi at 3,800 meters altitude. Ascent on foot to the height of 4,200 meters to a shelter of eleventh. Acclimatization. Performance with kettlebell. Descent to Garabashi. Downhill ski lifts to the foot of Mount Elbrus. Transfer to your accommodation. Summing up the competitionAwarding.

July 28, 2013 - breakfast, free time, transfer to the rail station of Mineralnye Vody.

7. Applications

Applications should be submitted to the following address:43 Uritsky Str., Arkhangelsk, 163060, Russia. International Confederation of Kettlebell Lifting Masters. Tel./fax: +7(8182) 646-208, 237-403. E-mail: cit@miuarh.ru

Contact persons: Anatoly Ezhov – ICKLM President; Lydia Ilyina – ICKLM secretary; Svetlana Tyomkina – ICKLM assistant secretary.

Payment details:

Recipient: Anatoly Ezhov

IIN 772802186928

Sberbank of Russia, Branch No 8637


Account No 40802810504000102514

Correspondent Account No 30101810100000000601

BIC 041117601

ATTENTION: Vouchers and applications should be submitted before 1 May 2013, those who did it after this date won’t be able to participate in the competition.

This competition is a unique event, each participant gets into the history of kettlebell lifting. The quantity of vouchers is limited, there are only 75!!!

Residence: Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Elbrus, Tegenkli settlement, «Elbrus» camp

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